Name: Other Episodic Programs
Fees: Depending upon the Program
Contents: All Subject Tutorial Sessions | Personal, Intellectual, Emotional & Social Developmental Programs | Educational Supplements | Impressionist Art & Craft | Expressionist Theatre | Excursions & Picnics | Leadership & Team Building Games | Parenting | Multiple Intelligence | Higher Order Thinking Skills
Days:  Depending upon the Program
Hours: Depending upon the Program
Details: From time to time TIC organizes many of the below mentioned events. All these events are based on the PIESE methodology & cater to a wide variety of age groups, roles, aspects, traits & faculties. Some of these events are mentioned below:

So as to utilize the school vacations, TIC arranges Vacation Camps during spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter breaks. These camps are oriented to provide wholesome development to the children while channelizing their free time during these breaks. These camps are sometimes theme based & morning & evening batches so as to cater to the varied needs of the parents. Also safe transportation is provided to the participants of these camps. Utmost care is taken to blend development with enjoyment so that the children enjoy these sessions during their vacations & look forward to the next vacations.

TIC being the sole organization of its kind in the country believes it as its responsibility to not only develop children but also assist parents in their day – to – day parenting issues. We regularly arrange Parent Workshops upon wide variety of topics. These workshops are complimentary for parents who have already enrolled their child to any of our programs.

TIC keeps on arranging workshops on a number of different topics for giving children exposure of the topics not otherwise touched in their normal day – to – day lives. E.g. Puppeteering Workshop, Theatre Workshop, Energy Conservation, etc. These workshops are complimentary for children enrolled in any of our programs

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