What is “The Ideal Child”?

The Ideal Child is a Whole Child Development company and its vision is “To endow every child with Personal, Intellectual, Social & Emotional Developments”.

What does the term “Whole Child Development” mean?

Whole child development means 360° Development of the Child. Everyone has his/ her own understanding & priority of development which most of the time is influenced by his/ her upbringing, beliefs, culture, exposure & surroundings. It has always been debatable that what is more important: Intellectual Quotient or Emotional Intelligence, who is better an Introvert or Extrovert or whether it even matters or not? However, all of them are equally important and necessary to become a physically, intellectually & socially healthy individual. Whole child development focuses on all the aspects of a child’s personality.

What is PIESE?

PIESE is The Ideal Child’s indigenously developed unique methodology, it is an acronym for Personal, Intellectual, Emotional & Social Developments combined with Educational Supplements. Our curriculum & all the activities are designed around this methodology.

My child already goes for a number of different activities, why should I choose The Ideal Child?

The Ideal Child is the only organization that provides wholesome development programs. By sending your child to a single activity center, only one aspect of child’s personality is developed. Would you prefer a single nutrition diet or a healthy diet that gives your child a wholesome nutrition?

What is the enrollment procedure?

Either call us at our helpline numbers provided on the Contact page or meet us at any of our centres, fill the registration form followed by a meeting with the counselor to know about your needs & your child’s strengths, weaknesses & personality traits and the next day onwards the child can join the program. We usually suggest you to accompany the child on the first day.

How will I get to know the performance/ development of my child?

The Ideal Child ensures to keep the parents informed and discusses the performance of the child alongwith sending performance updates on a regular basis.

Do I have to pay the fees every month?

There is an option of giving a three & six month’s fees as a lump sum, which will be a convenience for you as well as for us. This is the reason why we offer a 5% waiver on these payment options.

I am interested in the developmental activities, however he/she sleeps during that time and I don’t want to change his/ her routine?

If the child doesn’t have time on the regular days s/he can join the Wholesome Weekend program on Saturdays & Sundays in which we deliver the same modules as we do in the regular programs. This program has been specifically designed to suit the needs of parents & children who are occupied on week days.

Are the activities same for all the age groups?

There are different activities for different age groups. The activities are methodically designed as per the cognitive levels of different aged children. Moreover, the intensity of activities varies according to the varying age groups.

Won’t it be a long & stressful day for my child extending school hours?

It feels in the first go but if we look deeper into it, this schedule saves a lot of commuting time as a result the child gets more quality time for free play, rest & family and that too after covering all the developmental aspects.

What in case I did not like the program after joining, is there any refund?

Although such scenario will not arise as parents and students who attend our programs love them and ask for more. However, in any possibility, if you are not satisfied, the complete fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

The lunch sent will get cold by the time my child has it in the afternoon.

At all our centres we have meal warming facilities. So, the lunch will be served warm to all the children. Apart from this, we can also provide a warm & wholesome lunch to the child, the cost for which will be extra.

My child is not interested in studies or anything else except games?

We believe that one thing kids are surely interested in is Fun. Our Activity Based Learning approach ensures that the child learns and enjoys everything in the form of games & activities. In this approach, the child does not have to be forced to study but him/ herself develops interest in the same.

Does my child need to carry extra notebooks or any other material?

All the materials, notebooks, stationery, etc. will be provided at The Ideal Child, so that there is no addition to the child’s school bag.

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