Challenge At Hand

To make the child competent in this cut-throat competitive world the parents desire to give maximum exposure and learning to their children. Also, with the inflation continuing to rise each year, the typical Indian family now requires supplemental incomes & hence both the parents are found to be working in a lot of cases which in turn leaves the kid yearning for attention, activities & company. Moreover, an average day of a typical child revolves around getting up early in the morning, catching the school bus, coming back home, completing loads of homework, playing a game, watching TV/ going for an activity, having dinner & sleeping off in the night; just to get up to the same routine, the next morning.

This routine is cyclical & boring in nature & furthermore the only P.D. (Personality Development) or C.D. (Creative Development) s/he gets is either in the form of summer/ winter camps or at home for which the onus lies on already so busy & stressed out the parents. But, is this dose of inconsistent & incomplete development enough for the young, dynamic & creative brains of the Gennext of modern India?

Solutions We Offer

In today’s age of occupied parents & schools grappling with changing education paradigms, we provide innovative, comprehensive & 360° solutions related to Whole Child Development for children of 5–14yrs age group. We have developed a unique methodology –
, an acronym for Personal, Intellectual, Emotional & Social Developments alongwith EducationalSupplements. The program involves child centric All-subject Tutorials, Test & Exam Preparation, everyday Development {Personality | Intellectual | Emotional | Social} Sessions, Educational Supplements {Maths | Science | English} & a Physical Activity {Sport | Dance} of choice among the availables. Apart from all these, the child will also be provided with an activity/ hobby class every Sunday which s/he can opt for out of the available options {Chess | Painting | Sketching | Guitar | Theatre | Many More}.

To supplement all these offerings, there are a number of other combinational options & conveniences like lunch & transport facilities available to suit the best needs of today’s parents. For delivering such high quality content to the children of today, we have put in place an experienced & well qualified team having educational, training & corporate backgrounds.

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