EXPLORERS Program Details: 360° CASP {Composite After School Development Program}

Name: 360° Composite After School Development Program
Contents: All Subject Tutorial Sessions | Personal, Intellectual, Emotional & Social Developmental Programs | Educational Supplements | Physical Development (Optional) | Supplementary Activity
Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Schedule: 2.5hrs of {Tutorial | Developmental Sessions | Educational Supplements};
Mon – Sat 1hr of {Physical Development};
Mon – Sat (Optional) 1hr of {Choice of 1 Supplementary Activity};
Sun only (Complimentary)
Details: This is the flagship program of TIC. It contains all the elements required for the Wholesome Development of your child. It majorly consists of the following five components:

In these Tutorials, all the Academic requirements of the child pertaining to his/ her school shall be catered to. Apart from small class-wise batches, the other major highlights of these Tutorials are:

  • Daily HomeWork Completion
  • Weekly subject Tests
  • School Test Preparation
  • Formative Assessment Preparation
  • Summative Assessment Preparation
  • School Exam Preparation

All this & individual attention by experienced subject teachers under the guidance of their respective Heads of Department.

These developmental sessions have been meticulously developed by our in-house research team under the PIESE methodology. A child’s complete personality consists of the following four aspects:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional

Our specialized training modules cater to all of these developmental needs of the children through consistent, measured, monitored & quality sessions of all these aspects.

Due to the changing educational paradigm in the country the children of today feel stressed out & difficult to cope up with the change. The change being referred to is the recent changes in the educational setup & its assessment procedures in the country. The government & the board are taking adequate steps to align school administration & teachers to this change. The children, however, have been left out of this change management program. Through our Educational Supplements program, we align the children to the newer educational paradigm & create a bent of mind suited best to the future of education in the country. In this one of its kind program, we provide better understanding of the children by using Activity Based Learning (ABL) & Learner Centric Approach (LCA) for the following subjects (to start with):

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

We at TIC strongly believe that Physical Development is a must for every child alongwith Personality & Educational Developments. Supporting the same belief we have arranged for the Physical Development of the children at TIC. We have the below mentioned options available under this banner:

  • Sport of Choice: Sports not only lets the children exercise themselves but also develops a lot of other faculties of their mind like Team work, Leadership & Discipline to name a few. Among the available options, the child can opt for any one & we will facilitate his/ her participation in the same.
  • Dance: This is an interesting medium of exercising the young physique of children. They love dancing & while they do so, they exercise each & every muscle of their body & stay fit. This also adds to their overall personality development by taking out their Shyness & Stage Fright.

We will provision for both the above mentioned Physical Development activities depending upon the number of children availing & both of these activities are optional & shall attract an extra cost.

A child’s growth has to be supported with all the right ingredients. That is why apart from all the above mentioned, we also offer some Supplementary Activities (SA) to the children at TIC. These SA consist of activities like the below mentioned:

  • Calligraphy
  • Painting
  • Guitar
  • Animation
  • Chess
  • Theatre

A lot more activities will be added to this list in the coming times. The child can opt for any one (complimentary) or more (at an extra cost) of these depending on his/ her taste. These SA will be carried out on Sundays for 1hr each. Through these SAs the children will not only hone their creative skills but also develop many Multiple Intelligences such as Logical Intelligence, Visual & Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence and Bodily & Kinesthetic Intelligence.

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