Fun things you don’t want to miss out in summers vacations

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Learn a new language: When it comes to children learning a new language, sooner is better, kids adaptation to a new language at an earlier age is high comparatively. This way they become more creative.


Make a mini tree house/pillow house: Have fun in making mini tree house or pillow for yourself and for friends.


Plant a butterfly garden with flowers: catch butterflies. All different colors, sizes, and shapes.


Visit the aquarium: Go and visit your nearest aquarium for the whole new level experiences. Whales, sea-horses and many other water animals will be there.


Play video games with your buddies: video games will be another fun activity that you can do by staying indoors.


Visit a museum: This will enhance kids knowledge. They will learn new things. And it will be helpful to build curiosity.


Go to watch a comedy show: Good amounts of laughter is something that everybody needs in their routine. Bring along your kids and enjoy these shows. This way kids can spend quality time with their parents.


Learn a new instrument: Learn how to play guitar, band or any other instrument. A lifelong skill that will be there every time. plus music will make you feel good. It will Serve as food to the soul.


Restyle your room: Go creative this summer. Redesign your room. Decorate your room with different ideas.


Go Camping:  A summer camp is a supervised program for children conducted during the summer months.

. Moreover, kids learn new skills and friendships. They have fun.

. The world needs the next generation to be more tolerant of each other’s views, ideology, and beliefs, camps help in this.

. The camp is an independent experience that shapes one’s character and life.

. Camp boosts confidence.

. Make you a leader.

.  Helps to build/grow problem-solving skills


Many parents today are concerned that their kids are spending too much time on the Internet. Smartphones or Computers can calm kids down and keep them quiet, but they can also be addictive which is not good. Summer camp helps kids to stay away from this electronic world and to enjoy our Fun activities. TIC is the best summer camp in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula region. Because as we say- “Kids don’t really need a smartphone, They just wanna have fun.”

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