The Best Learning things to do in summers

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?Go for swimming

Teaching your child to swim and encouraging them can have significant benefits for both their health and safety. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool while encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activities. Being able to swim is a skill that your child will use to keep safe throughout their life.


?Learn abacus

Abacus math is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and learning math. Faster than a calculator, not only does abacus math gift young learners the opportunity to shine in the language of math from a really young age, It also Boosts better and faster calculation skills, Improves problem-solving abilities, Sharpens listening skills. Increases memory power and sharpens overall mental formation.


??Learn indoor sports games- chess, hit the target, table tennis.etc…

Playing the game of Chess improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Chess also helps in improving concentration. Practicing Chess regularly also improves the self-confidence of the child, which is extremely essential for the child’s growth. Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from the childhood teaches the importance of being disciplined in life. Target hitting is also a good sport. The main importance of table tennis is that it sharpens up hand-eye coordination. It keeps your mind clean, clear and focused. They are developing the ability to maintain focus.


??Enrich your mind with Dance and Music  

Dancing also improves a child’s coordination, especially at a time when they are rapidly developing in an ever-changing and evolving environment. This creates a solid platform for the child’s physical development and level of fitness. It also develops strength and endurance from an early age.


?Go to summer camps for multiple fun-n-Learn activities

Else you can go to one place for all the learning plus fun activities. That is what the summer camp is all about. Since 2010 we at (TIC) The Ideal Child have been pioneering the art of organizing & delivering best in class Summer Camps. You can see that our Camps are a perfect blend of Development & Fun. This one-of-its-kind Summer Camp provides a fast-paced personality enrichment for your child along with being a quality time-utilizer.

?Team Building & Leadership Skills

?IQ Boosters

?Freestyle Choreographed Dance

?Personality Development

?Camp Fun & Non-fire cooking

?Theatre & Storytelling Sessions

?POP & Puppet Art

?Communication Skills


Each above-mentioned learning activities covered in The Ideal Child Summer camp. Learn Abacus, Swimming, Dance + Music and many other fun and learning activities that are helpful for kid’s overall development. Summer camp for kids open for Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. Every week camp starts with such an excitement.

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